Thursday, July 22, 2010

Americano with soy

I'm now offering Digital Collage Sheets on Etsy, if anyone's interested.  They have been gleaned mostly from old magazines I have found.  Fun stuff to play around with!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Decaf Latte with Soy

Hello all.  I haven't been to my usual coffee haunts lately as I have been traveling.  Didn't get the opportunity to visit any cafes while I was away either.  My collage making efforts have suffered due to that.  I did get the opportunity to visit Barnes and Noble cafe yesterday evening, and made a new ACEO and started a new collage.  I will get pictures up soon, I promise!

One of the collages I completed a couple of weeks ago is Three Flowers.  It's about 8" by 10", the largest collage I've done.

The background is made of magazine pages, and the flowers are all torn papers of various types.  Did I tell you that I use a lot of handmade papers from various sources?  I try to purchase Fair Trade Certified paper when I can.  I'm posting this collage on Etsy today.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Espresso with cream

I finally got some work up on Etsy, a collage and four ACEOs.  The collage is called Savage Color.  Imagine an artist who got a bright idea - his color would no longer be ordinary, it would be Savage!  Just being silly. 

My favorite of the ACEOs is called Perfect Manikin.  I love the manikin drawing, cut out of an old artist magazine.  The ad described him as the Perfect Manikin for your needs, and he is.

Haven't been out for coffee in a few days, so no really new work, but I was at Starbuck's really late 2 nights in a row last week.  I'm talking 3 or 4 in the morning, folks.  You strike up interesting conversations when you are there that late.  There was the hospice chaplain, there because he couldn't sleep.  And there was A.Z., one of the night managers, who comes in late to play World of Warcraft and other games when he's not working.  We had a heated discussion about "deaf culture".  A.Z. gave us a lot of information from his own experience about that.  (He is not deaf, but has family who are).  The other friend I was with questioned the anger of some deaf people at hearing people, beyond the confines of just preferring "deaf culture" to "hearing culture".  A.Z.  didn't seem to understand her question, but he did give some interesting insight into the difficulty of learning to use spoken language for someone who cannot hear.  It's almost an unfathomable concept.  The interesting thing about the discussion is that the participants were having trouble "hearing" each other, making sense of what the other was saying, yet everyone involved was "hearing abled".   

Oh well, just give me some glue and paper and I'm good to go.

Friday, May 28, 2010

CoffeeHouse Collage

I visit coffeehouses a lot.  Mostly Starbuck's, but also Barnes and Noble Bookstore Cafe, Borders Bookstore Cafe, sometimes Caribou Coffee, sometimes other places.  I hang out with friends there - nothing unusual about that.  But I do have a hard time sitting still - my hands want to be busy.  Maybe it's an easy out for making conversation.  Anyway, I usually take an art project to work on.  I started with polymer clay, then needle felting, beading, quilting.

Now I've taken up collage.  I assemble beautiful bits of paper, ad art, magazine text, other ephemera, and attach them to canvas.  I think they look pretty good. Unfortunately I don't have any photos to show you yet, but stay with me, dear reader.  Soon I'll start posting them, and you'll be able to purchase them, for a reasonable price, on Etsy.  My shop there is also called CoffeehouseCollage.  Keep your eyes open!