Friday, May 28, 2010

CoffeeHouse Collage

I visit coffeehouses a lot.  Mostly Starbuck's, but also Barnes and Noble Bookstore Cafe, Borders Bookstore Cafe, sometimes Caribou Coffee, sometimes other places.  I hang out with friends there - nothing unusual about that.  But I do have a hard time sitting still - my hands want to be busy.  Maybe it's an easy out for making conversation.  Anyway, I usually take an art project to work on.  I started with polymer clay, then needle felting, beading, quilting.

Now I've taken up collage.  I assemble beautiful bits of paper, ad art, magazine text, other ephemera, and attach them to canvas.  I think they look pretty good. Unfortunately I don't have any photos to show you yet, but stay with me, dear reader.  Soon I'll start posting them, and you'll be able to purchase them, for a reasonable price, on Etsy.  My shop there is also called CoffeehouseCollage.  Keep your eyes open!